There’s a Limit on Exercising to Burn Calories

Pushing yourself after a certain point at the gym won’t make bad food choices disappear. Studies reveal that burning calories reaches a plateau at a moderate level of activity. Go past that point, and the body finds another way to conserve its resources.

When you exercise, your body burns up calories to provide fuel for your activity. Your body taps into either stored fat for carbohydrates for those calories. Extra oxygen is drawn into your body when you breathe heavily, and that oxygen metabolizes fat. You breathe out the carbon dioxide that’s create, and you sweat away water. Calories leave your body through the exhaled carbon dioxide and the sweat.

The better plan for your health: recognize exercise benefits your heart, brain, bone and immune health. Movement is critical for your good health. Exercise comes in second to a nourishing diet, however, when it comes to weight maintenance.

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