Most Common Exercise Habits That Age You Fast

Why do people workout? Is it to stay healthy? Remain youthful? Increase vitality? It’s probably all of those things and more. But, what if people who workout for those reasons knew that they could be sabotaging their own efforts? Well, some people are. In fact, they’ve adopted habits that’s sabotaging their health and actually aging them. Wondering if you’re doing any of these things? Take a look at the common exercise habits below that could be aging you:

Never Taking A Break
If you find that you’re always achy and sore, you may not be giving your body enough time to recuperate. It takes hours for muscle fibers to repair themselves. If you’re using those same muscles over and over again, you’re never giving them the time to replenish.

You Only Do Cardio
Focusing only on cardio may seem like a good idea because you’re burning more calories, but it’s not. This puts you in a position to where your body will not be as firm because you ignored weight training. It’s best to include strength training into your workout program.

Bad Posture
Bad posture is a clear sign of aging. Do specific workouts that pull you in reverse such as pulls and stretches. Yoga poses are a great way to improve posture and should be incorporated into your workout.

Pelvic Floor Muscles
Sure it’s important to focus on the obliques for a strong core, but it’s also important to focus on your pelvic floor muscles. If you perform Kegels, you’ll activate your pelvic floor and strengthen your entire core.

Power Moves
Power moves are moves that allow you to exert force in a short amount of time. As we age, we do less and less of these causing us to lose ability to react quickly. Begin adding power moves into your regular workouts.

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