Can’t Sleep? Add These Relaxing House Plants To Your Décor

Are you tired of missing out on a good night’s sleep? Are you getting sleep, but it’s not quality rest? There’s nothing better than a great night’s sleep that’ll leave you refreshed and well-rested the next day. So, we do everything we can to achieve it. Maybe try new sheets. Change the room around. Maybe even turn to medication.

There is actually a more natural way to get better sleep and it all starts with the air quality. With increased oxygen levels and aromatic scents, you can feel extra calm and gain a good night’s rest. Here are 10 plants to add to your bedroom that will help you get a great night’s sleep.

Peace Lily: Just like the name implies, it will give your room a peaceful vibe. This plant is rated one of the top plants for improving indoor air quality. They also absorb mold spores from the air and use it for food for the plant.

Pothos: This is a popular houseplant that does well without needing very little light. They don’t need to be watered often either. Low maintenance while cleaning your air in your room is perfect.

Lavender: The wonderful scent of lavender makes this plant great for the bedroom. It will not only help with anxiety, but it will also help lower the heart rate and blood pressure – thus inducing sleep.

Snake Plant: The snake plant is great for cleaning the air in your home. They are able to convert CO2 to oxygen and can do it while you sleep. Another perk of this plant – it can survive on very little neglect.

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