12 Workout Habits You Don’t Want To Adopt This New Year

Is working out a part of your New Year’s resolution?  Having concrete fitness goals is a good thing, as long as you don’t adopt any “bad” fitness habits. Most of these habits like going straight into a workout, exhausting yourself every time you workout, and focusing on weight instead of form stem from outdated advice.

If you want the best workout results this New Year, don’t pick up any of these 3 workout habits:

  1. Don’t skip your warm up.

Going straight into your workout without warming up first is not a good idea. Most people skip their warm ups because they don’t think that they have time. Or, because they don’t see it as that important. Anytime you don’t warm up, you run the risk of injury.

2. Don’t focus only on cardio.

While cardio is definitely great for the heart and should be in your workout routine, it shouldn’t be the sole focus. Doing cardio alone causes you to miss out on other key work outs like strength training. Also, if your goal is to sculpt your body differently, focusing on cardio alone won’t give you that. Make sure your workout includes a healthy range of focuses.

3. Don’t do cardio first before strength training.

Sure, you can focus on any area of your workout first, but if you want to improve strength or lose weight, it’s important to do strength first then cardio. This is the most efficient way to use your energy.

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