Try These Blazers For Your Body Type

Now that summer’s coming to an end, we’ll be trading in tank tops and tees for shawls, cardigans and blazers. While each of these can bring a different flair to an outfit, blazers in particular, can bring a sleek and sophisticated look to almost any outfit immediately. What’s most important is that the blazer matches your body type. Last thing you want is for your blazer to fit too tight or too baggy!

Here are some blazers that are perfect for different body types:

Petite Frame: If you’re a woman with a petite frame, you will look especially bad a** in a slim-fit blazer. The key is to go for blazers that don’t swallow you in excess fabric. Go for one that stops at the hip and be sure that the sleeve stops at the wrist for a nice tailored look.

Pear Shaped: If you’re curvier at the bottom than you are at the top, you can create more volume with a blazer that has a defined shoulder.

Broad shoulders: For broader shoulders, the best kind of blazer is one that doesn’t have a collar.

Tall: If you’re a tall glass of water, you have a lot of blazer options at your fingertips. The one that will flatter you most is a classic-fit blazer. You may want to stay away from ones with a too-short hemline, which will make your body look out of proportion.

Hourglass: If you have an hour glass figure, you should opt for a blazer with a cinched waist or peplum silhouettes. This will flatter your assets while flattering your midsection.

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