Rock Your Dress Without Freezing Your Buns Off This Winter

Want to wear your dresses this winter without freezing your buns off? It’s possible! Just because winter has rolled in doesn’t mean you’re bound to only wearing pants. With a little creativity and some layering, you should be just fine. Check out these various style tips that will allow you to still rock a dress this winter.

Black turtleneck: The black turtleneck (or any turtleneck for that matter) is the perfect go to piece to wear under a dress – particularly if you want to still rock a spring dress.

Long layers: You can also create a long layered look by wearing a large long sweater over a dress.

Puffer jacket: If you pair a puffer jacket with a sweater over a slip skirt, you’ll create the perfect puffer look.

The Blouse: Kick up the look by pairing a blouse under a dress. Go for a blouse with embellishments.

Monochromatic: Go for a monochromatic look with red. It’s perfect for bulking up in layers while looking super chic.

Tights: You can’t go wrong with tights. Any color will due, but the classic black is always a hit.

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