Mixing Metals: Is It a Thing?

Let’s get one thing straight: fashion has no rules. Pair that hot-pink top with cheetah-print pants, litter your hair with as many chunky highlights as your heart desires, and go ahead and mix those metals! Life is too short to limit yourself and adhere to style constraints that are meant to be broken! In reality, you can wear whatever you want in any way you want, but if you want to ease into the waters of mixing metals, here are some guidelines you can keep in mind.

All About Balance

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When it comes to metal mixing, keep it purposeful. For example, if you’re wearing a ton of gold bracelets, but all of your necklaces are stark silver, it could look messy. Instead, ensure that you wear an even ratio of gold to silver to rose gold, etc., on any single area of your body. This keeps everything looking blended.

Same Thickness

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Since you’re contrasting the shade of your jewels, you’ll need to look to other qualities to maintain some harmony in your overall look. Do this by using the same thickness of jewelry in each of your sets. If you’re mixing your rings, choose either dainty or chunky. For bracelets, stack thin or thick. The same ideology should apply to any other pieces. This will prevent you from contrasting too much. You want your choices to look intentional rather than haphazard.

Tone Totally Matters

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Though there are no limitations on how many metals you can mix and match, you may want to accentuate your natural skin tone by choosing complementary shades! Here’s a little cheat sheet:

  • Pink Undertones: Silvers and cool golds are harmonious with your skin. Avoid rose gold, as it can accentuate your redness.
  • Warm Undertones: Yellow gold, sterling silver, and saturated rose gold look beautiful! Avoid cool-toned jewelry that could wash you out.
  • Darker Skin Tones: True gold and rose gold will look striking against your skin. Avoid silver, which could make you look paler.
  • Neutral/Olive Skin: Lucky you! All tones and shades will look beautiful against your skin. Go crazy!

Have you ever tried mixing metals? Share your thoughts about the trend in the comments below!

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