Relationship Red Flags: What to Look For

Relationships can be so wonderful, especially with someone who makes you feel loved and appreciated. But not all relationships are like this, and it’s important to learn to identify “red flags” early on so that you don’t dive head-first into a toxic relationship. Here, we’ll discuss what many experts agree are relationship red flags – and how you can identify them.

What Are Red Flags?

Red flags are signs that indicate unhealthy behavior. They are often narcissistic, aggressive, or abusive. In retrospect, these red flags might seem obvious. However, at the beginning of relationships, we often don’t immediately recognize these behaviors – or the behaviors worsen over time. The important thing is that when you start to notice red flags, you take a step back and reflect on the person, their behavior, and your dynamic together. Red flags can often lead to difficult conversations and someone getting hurt. You should never be afraid to reach out to someone close to you for help.

Red Flags to Be Aware of

They Say All of Their Exes Were “Crazy”

Hey, we get it: Sometimes things end badly. Most of us have an ex that we’re still sour about. But if all of your partner’s exes have been described to you as “crazy,” it could indicate that they don’t recognize or take responsibility for problems in past relationships.

Anger Issues That Make You Feel Unsafe

Getting angry is a human emotion we are allowed to feel, but how we handle that anger says a lot about us. In the heat of the moment, it’s okay to need a second to cool off, but it’s never okay to take anger out in a way that makes someone feel unsafe.

They Don’t Listen

In any relationship, communication is key. You should feel seen and heard and like you can share intimate details. If your significant other acts like they are distracted or not listening when you talk about important things, it could be a red flag that their mind is elsewhere.

Your Friends and Family Don’t Want to Spend Time With Them

If you notice that this is a common trend, consider it a sign to discuss why.

One Word: Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a form of manipulation where a person twists reality and makes another person question their perception of events. Not only is this considered abusive, but it can be difficult to pinpoint. If you think this is happening in your relationship, reach out to a loved one or consider therapy.

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