Looks To Rock This October

As October rolls in, so does the cool weather (at least it’s suppose to)… and you know what that means? Cute fall outfits made up of leather jackets, black booties and tights. Here are looks and trends you can rock this October that are both chic and autumn perfect!

You can create an optical illusion with contrasting stripes. Take two coordinating colors like red and yellow, black and white or blue and white and match them together for the ultimate optical trick.

Hang up your ruby red slippers and trade them for red boots. Red boots are a fall staple every woman should have. Not only do they command attention, but they go perfect with the changing autumn leaf colors.

If you have a favorite look from the 70s, it’s safe to wear it now. Even the white pants? Yes, even those! You can pair it well with a lightweight printed button-up blouse.

Fall is the season for plaid, so feel free to wear plenty of it. A great classic look is the plaid top with dark denim bottoms.

Money green is a beautiful color to wear this season. Get it as a sweater and that’s even better. You can totally pair it with black slacks and pointed toe shoes.

Rock your crop pants by pairing them with either flats or pointed toe booties.

Lean on proportions a lot this season by layering extra-large tops with super short mini skirts. You can then layer the whole thing over a pair cropped pants. Or, you can forgo the pants and opt for thigh high boots.

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