Juggle The Winter – Spring Transition Phase In Style

Spring is on the horizon (even if it doesn’t feel like it – depending on where you are).

Soon you’ll be outdoors enjoying the fresh warm air, beautiful blooms and singing birds. And when that moment comes, you’re going to want something great to wear. The problem? You have to figure out how to dress for Spring without freezing.

Here to inspire you to up your game are a few transitional outfit ideas as you go from winter to spring in style.

Step 1: Infuse Color: By now you’re probably tired of the same old drab colors you wore this winter. Shoot for a bright new staple color such as lavender, yellow, pink or aqua. Try it as a new t-shirt, dress or even pants suit.

Step 2: Layer Winter and Spring Clothes: Because it’s still nippy outside, you may be reluctant to go for many of the spring styles and outfits. That’s an easy fix. Simply layer your outfits with leggings and tank tops. This way you can sport blouses and shirt dresses without freezing.

Step 3: Connect the Seasons With Color and Fabric: Darker colors are usually worn in the winter on heavy fabrics. You can connect the two seasons by wearing lighter colors on heavier fabric. For example, you can rock a bright colored over-sized sweater. Perfect blend of warmth and color!

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