How to Wear Pastels Without Looking Super Girly

Pastels are in this season, but it’s not always easy to wear powder blue and baby pink and still get taken seriously. When was the last time you felt professional or sexy while dressed like a baby’s nursery? You don’t have to ignore this trend, because there are lots of ways to wear pastels without looking super girly and still keep your look on point.

Stick to One Color

One of the easiest ways to pull off pastel fashion is to choose one color to wear from head to toe. Because pastels are such soft colors, you can wear a single color everywhere without creating an overwhelming look. If you want to break up your hue a little, wear a patterned piece or add some white accessories to your outfit. Bright white becomes a vivid backdrop against pastel clothing, and it works nicely with any color color of pastel.

Add Strong Contrast

If you’ve got a pink dress that looks too girly or a blue skirt that’s a little bit too pretty, add some strong contrast to create a well-balanced outfit. Want to rough up your pastel look a little? Top it off with a motorcycle jacket, or wear your leather pants with that pretty blouse. Black and gray also contrast well with pastel shades, and they add a balance that helps keep your outfit from becoming way too girly. You can also wear pastel tops with distressed jeans or a denim jacket to create a great contrasting style.

Put a Strong Pair Together

Wear two different pastel colors and play them against each other to create a balanced look that will stand out for being fashionable, not for being overly feminine. Look for two colors that contrast against each other more than they complement each other. Soft pink and mint green, for example, are an eye-catching pairing. Pastel purple and yellow can be striking together as well. Fashion is all about experimenting, so play around with different pastel shades to find contrasting looks you like that look good on you.

Be Trendy and Still Be You

Don’t be a slave to fashion — be a master of fashion. You can maintain your own sense of style (and your sense of self) and still follow the latest and hottest fashion trends. Mix pastels with contrasting pieces, great accessories and smart color sense, and you can create great looks that are still true to you. Start experimenting with pastel looks, and start having fun with this fashion trend.

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