What You Need for Your Spring Wardrobe

As the seasons transition, so does your closet. It’s time to start putting away the heavy sweaters, the big jackets, the scarves and the hats. Change them out for the spring fashion essentials you’re going to want to have this year to stay in style.

Midi Skirts

Lots of ladies will be wearing midi skirts this spring. The longer length of the midi skirt provides comfort and style. This is a great way to hide a multitude of sins from bad winter habits and still look amazingly fashionable. For a great spring look, seek out midi skirts in lightweight, breezy fabrics like silk, chiffon and cotton. Avoid heavier wools and linens. The more flowy the more Spring style!

Denim Jackets

A fashion staple, denim jackets are a perfect choice for spring weather that can turn chilly or wet on a dime. Slip one on over another spring fashion staple: a floral mini dress. This is a great casual look that combines a bit of edginess with the softer femininity of the dress. Finish it off with some great ankle boots and you’re going to be dressed and ready for just about any spring activity.


They’re never out of style, but jeans do have their own trends that come and go. And this spring, skinny jeans aren’t as big of a thing. You’ll see a lot more straight leg, loose style jeans this year, so have some fun with this trend and leave your skinny styles in the closet. Pair jeans that are wider at the bottom with kitten heels to show some skin and balance the look.


Handbags are big this year, so it’s time to give your shoulder a break. Get a bag in a neutral shade and add color by tying a scarf around the handle to match your outfit. With this trick, you can get away with carrying the same handbag with every outfit.

Spring Fashion

Celebrate brighter colors, lighter fabrics and fun spring trends this year. Get just a few wardrobe essentials, and you can create all sorts of different looks all season long.

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