How to Wear Knits to Flatter Your Figure this Winter

What’s one of the biggest problems with winter fashion? Wearing extra layers and heavy clothes can make you look bulky, and who wants that? Learn how to wear knits so you can flatter and enhance your figure, rather than hiding it under a bunch of wool.

All Hips and Bust

Have you got a classic hourglass figure with a big bustline and curvy hips? Everyone who doesn’t have an hourglass shape thinks it’s a great figure to have, but it’s actually difficult to dress. This can be especially challenging in winter when bulky sweaters can make your waist completely disappear. To keep that from happening, try wearing lightweight knits rather than thick, bulky designs. Look for sweaters that will cling to your curves, including your waist. And when needed, add a thick belt to make the most out of your natural hourglass shape. Above the knee trench coats are great to throw on top of your outfit and cinch the belt at your waist.

Smaller Bustlines

Want to enhance your bustline to make the most out of what nature didn’t give you much of? Women with smaller bustlines should look for sweaters in button-up designs that cling to the waist to help emphasize the bustline. You can wear thicker fabrics and bulkier designs to give your shape a little more volume too.

Need to make your waist look smaller while making your chest and hips appear bigger? Look for button-up sweaters that cinch in the waist and have an extra flare or a little more bulk around the hips. This will help create the illusion of a curvier, more hourglass shape.

Not So Curvy

Do you have a straighter, more rectangular shape? A bulky sweater may appear to swallow you completely, and you don’t want to disappear inside your fashion. But oversized styles can suit you well when you add a belt, a fun pattern, or look for styles with a tapered waist design. This will add volume to your bust and hips to make you look a little curvier than you actually are.

Want to Hide a Tummy?

Look for the right lines to better complement your curves and minimize your tummy and waist. A cowl neck or mock turtleneck design will add a little more bulk and detail up top, which helps to de-emphasize your stomach. Off-the-shoulder designs create a higher focal point that will pull attention away from your middle. Stick to designs that fall right below your stomach but above the hips.

Flatter Your Figure

Winter isn’t a great season for showing skin, but you can still look and feel your best. Use knits to flatter your figure and not to hide your shape. With the right silhouette, you’ll make a huge style impression.

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