The Haircare Routine That Will Transform Your Hair This Winter

You may have heard about switching up your skincare routine during chillier weather, but have you ever thought about what wind and nippy air can do to your hair? Cold temperatures can dry your locks out like crazy, leaving them unhealthy, brittle, and frizzy! But we’ll let you in on a little secret: With a few easy changes to your routine, you can wake up with luscious-looking locks all winter long!

Hats Are In

In unsavory weather, the chilly air is not your friend. It has very little moisture – and a habit of sucking any it can find, including from your hair. Even a few minutes out in the cold can leave your locks feeling crispy. To prevent that from happening, cover your head with a hat. Not only will it keep you warmer, but it will also act as a shield between your hair and the air. A hat with satin or silk lining is best to prevent breakage and static.

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Keep It Cool

Taking a steamy hot shower after being outside in the cold is nothing short of heavenly. Unfortunately, it can also cause some serious damage to your hair. Hot water is harmful to your hair regardless of the time of year, but breakage and damage can be exaggerated when you exit the shower and are exposed to the chillier air. Opt for lukewarm water – your hair will thank you!

Stay Nice and Dry

We know that when it comes to styling, you’re told to skip heat tools as much as possible for the health of your hair. While this is true, the adverse effects of stepping outside with wet hair in the winter outnumber the dangers of blow-drying. Air-dry your hair when you can (night showerers, rejoice), but if you need to wash before going out for the day, spray on a good heat protectant and give your locks a thorough blow-dry. The last thing you want is your hair freezing and breaking.

Hydrate or Bust

As mentioned, cold weather can dry out your hair like nobody’s business, so you’ll want to take steps to replenish any hydration lost. Here are some options:

  • Deep Condition: When wash day comes around, take the time to work a deep conditioner through the mids to ends of your hair. Then, wrap it with a shower cap or claw clip. Leave it to penetrate for around 10 minutes before rinsing. Our Pick: DAE Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment ($28, shop here)
  • Hair Mask: The night before you wash your hair, run a moisturizing hair mask through your tresses and let it work its magic overnight. You can DIY your own or buy one ready-made. Our Pick: Amika Dream Routine Overnight Hair Mask ($28, shop here)
  • Hair Oil: Post-wash, squeeze some hair oil onto your palms and run it through your mids and ends. These areas are more susceptible to dryness, so coating them in oil helps reduce moisture loss and increase shine. Our Pick: Verb Ghost Oil ($20, shop here)

What are some of your favorite winter haircare tips? Let us know in the comments below!


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