Five Beauty Myths: Debunked

Hundreds of beauty myths exist, with many showing up in day-to-day conversations. Today, we are debunking some of the most common myths you may never have thought twice about – until now!

Myth 1: Shaving Will Make Your Hair Grow Back Thicker

Parents don’t like admitting that their little girls are growing up, so they often tell their preteen daughters that the earlier they shave their legs, the thicker the hair will grow back. This is false! No matter when you start or how often you do, shaving will not make your hair grow back thicker, faster, or darker. All of these factors are controlled by the follicle.

Myth 2: If it’s Cloudy Outside, You Don’t Need Protective Sunscreen

Just because you can’t see the sun through the clouds doesn’t mean it has disappeared! No matter the weather forecast, whether it’s sunny or cloudy, hot or cold, sunscreen is still necessary, as UV rays can still penetrate the skin. Use sunscreen with at least SPF 30 for optimum protection.

Myth 3: Those Under-Eye Circles Can Be Cured With a Little More Sleep

Are you ready for genetics to play a party in beauty advice? Here it is: Under-eye circles are not usually caused by sleep deprivation. Other things like memory lapses and weight gain can occur due to lack of sleep, but under-eye circles are not necessarily on that list. In fact, dark under-eyes appear are due to a few things, like loss of fat under the eyes, and concentration and dilation of veins right below the skin.

Myth 4: If You Remove a Skin Tag, More Will Grow

Removing a skin tag does just that: It removes the skin tag. Can more grow? Yes, but not because you removed the first one. However, they can regrow in the same area. Skin tags occur when skin rubs against itself or clothing. Common areas include around the breasts, neck, and underarms. Skin tags are also genetic, as they run in families, and you’ll likely develop at least one or two in your lifetime.

Myth 5: Consuming Greasy Foods and Chocolate Can Cause Acne

Surprise, surprise! Greasy foods and chocolate don’t cause acne. Though they may not be good for overall health, they have nothing to do with your breakouts. Your body has to release toxins regularly, and one way of doing that is through the skin. Having a few breakouts every now and then is completely normal. Sushi and shellfish are the only food items that can exacerbate acne due to their high iodine content.


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