How to Be Friends with Your Ex

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be friends with your ex. In fact, many couples who have broken up do remain friends. But if you are wondering how and when to start befriending your ex, here are some tips.

Give It Time

Friendships with exes typically don’t come easily immediately after a breakup. Emotions are high, and the pain from the breakup is still fresh. So, give yourself some time to process and grieve the relationship. Once you have dealt with the fallout, it will be easier to start a friendship.

Be Certain You Don’t Have Feelings for Each Other Anymore

Before you test out a friendship, be sure that you both don’t have romantic feelings for each other anymore. If one person still has feelings for the other, they might mistake kindness and sincerity as some sign of a second chance.

Ensure Your Friendship Is Different From Your Romantic Relationship

It is important to ensure that the dynamics between you and your ex are strictly friendly. Because if you still treat them like you did when you were in a relationship, you technically haven’t broken up. No matter what you say, a relationship without a label is still a relationship.

Set Boundaries and Only Engage If You Feel Comfortable

There are times when even though you broke up on a good note, the pain you felt during the relationship is still there. There is nothing wrong if you feel uncomfortable talking to or facing your ex, but a friendship can’t bloom if you still have this discomfort in their presence.

Accept That You’re Not – and May Never Be – Ready

Sometimes, heartbreaks are hard to get over, and the pain of being around your ex is too much to bear. Give yourself time to heal and accept that, unfortunately, some exes just can’t be friends, and it is time to let go.

Are you able to be friends with your exes? Let us know in the comments below.

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