Ditch Forehead Acne by Doing This

No matter where it pops up, acne is a major annoyance. But when your problem area is your forehead, these tips could be more effective than trialing one acne product after the next.

What Causes Forehead Acne?

The forehead is a common area for acne since it contains more oil-producing glands than the other areas of your face. It’s also a high-traffic area that could be exposed to oils from your hair, haircare products, makeup, and skincare. All that contact means excess oil, which leads to blocked pores and acne. Luckily, there are things you can do to combat forehead acne!

Do Laundry

Think about places that oil and other skin irritants can build up, then focus on minimizing their impact. Your pillowcase is a prime example! It absorbs sweat, oils, facial creams, and leftover hair products, then transfers them to your face as you lie down. That’s why you should be washing or swapping out your pillowcase regularly (ideally every few days). Likewise, make sure to keep towels, washcloths, and hats extra clean as well.

Examine Your Haircare

If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly sweeping your hair away from your face, especially if you have bangs. So, naturally, anything you apply to your hair will be transferred to your forehead. This is why it’s important to look at the ingredients in your hair products. Oils, gels, and waxes are bad news for your skin – especially when they contain silicone, coconut oil, and cocoa butter! If you suspect that these may be responsible for your forehead zits, try hair products with lighter skin-friendly formulas.

Select Gentle Skincare

Some of the products we use to improve our skin can actually do more harm than good. This can happen if you use moisturizing products like thick creams or facial oils on oily or combination skin or apply drying treatments to irritated skin. In both circumstances, the product is too intense for the skin and will only amplify the issue. Instead, opt for gentle, clean moisturizers and cleansers. And when you’re combatting a breakout, avoid harsh ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and retinoids.

Don’t Let Your Skin Dry Out

If the cause of forehead acne is related to oil, you should try to dry it all up, right? Wrong! Dryness can actually lead to the buildup of dead skin cells that clog your pores. No matter the condition of your skin, you should always apply a gentle, oil-free moisturizer twice daily.

If you’re battling forehead acne, it can be hard to know what to do next. These tips can help you identify the cause of your forehead acne – and ditch it for good!


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