Important Questions to Ask Your Crush

Connecting with a crush can be challenging in today’s digital age, so the questions you ask will significantly impact how the conversation will go. Plus, asking your crush important questions helps you develop a stronger bond, whether you’re communicating virtually or in person. These questions are a great starting point!

Ask About Their Job

A person’s job doesn’t tell you everything about them, but it can provide valuable insight into a person. For example, how they talk about their job can indicate if they enjoy what they do or if they’re currently in a place of transition. It can also demonstrate their work ethics, which can further help you determine whether you’re compatible.

Ask About Their Childhood

Asking someone about their childhood can provide insight into how they were raised and molded into who they are today. Do they talk longingly about their childhood, or do they seem closed off on the topic? Do they talk a lot about their family? This topic gives you a lot of branching-out questions and more information about who your crush is today.

What Is Their Favorite Vacation Destination?

This might seem odd to ask early on, but it’s a more interesting getting-to-know-you question that can spark even more interesting conversations. Someone’s favorite vacation destination can tell you whether you have compatible tastes – plus, it’s a fun and light topic of conversation that, if the relationship doesn’t work out, you walk away with somewhere new to visit on your bucket list!

What Is the Most Romantic Thing They’ve Ever Done/Enjoyed?

While it is a bit of a faux pas to talk about exes, this question can give you insight into who your crush was in a past relationship without getting too serious. This is another way to determine if your romance styles are compatible and how you could potentially communicate your love language to one another in the future.

What’s “Their Song”?

You could go the mundane route and simply ask what their favorite song is, but being a little creative with the question could be more effective. For example, ask what song makes them get up and dance, or what song is meaningful to them and why. People develop strong connections with music, so this could provide you more information into who a person is and what they value without forcing the conversation.

What’s the Best Piece of Advice They’ve Received?

This is another good question to get to know the heart of someone while still keeping things relatively casual. Plus, you might walk away with some good advice of your own.

Do you have any suggestions for questions to ask a crush? Share them with us in the comments below!


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