Bedtime Tricks to Treat Your Hair

Is your hair seeing breakage, dryness, or other ailments? You may need to update your bedtime routine. Harsh brushing and pinning hair back into a tight bun at night could be hurting you! Here, we present some bedtime hair tricks that will help you achieve that shine, volume, hydration, and length you’ve been dreaming about.

Ditch the Cotton Pillow

Silk pillowcases aren’t just pretty; they’re practical. Your cotton pillowcase can cause harm to your hair, but silk lets your head slide – meaning less frizz, frays, and breakage. Another option is to hold your hair in place with a silk hair scarf. Plus, it makes a cute accessory day or night.

Be Selective With Your Hair Ties

It’s hard to ditch the updo if it’s already a habit, but if you must tie your hair back at night to sleep soundly, we have a hack to help: scrunchies. “Tight hair ties with thin bands or metal pieces can tear at your hair throughout the night and create pull around your forehead,” says health and lifestyle writer Kay Ireland. Instead, she recommends tying it back with a soft scrunchie. You have our permission to Prime ship some to your house ASAP!

Keep It Loose

No matter the hair tie, ponies and buns pull at your hairline and can rip your strands. If you see thinning around your forehead, tight nighttime hairstyles could be the culprit. To keep your hair healthy and happy, keep all bedtime updos loose.

Dry It Up

Did you know that wet hair is easier to damage? We’re tempted to leave it wet, too, but it’s better for your hair if you blow-dry it (or let it air-dry) before bedtime.


Your hair needs to be dry at night, but sleeping in a dry room can suck out its moisture. Try investing in a humidifier if you notice dryness in your skin, your hair, or the air around you.

Another way to hydrate is with products such as hair masks. Apply generously right before you start snoozing, comb it into a bun and tie with a scrunchie, then rinse it out in the morning. If you need more hydration, try a leave-in conditioner, which will replenish shine and protect from breakage while you sleep.

Give Those Extensions Some Special Attention

Non-removable hair extensions require a little extra love while you sleep. Excessive brushing can shorten your extensions’ lifespan, so braid them at night to keep them clean and contained. This simple action will save you money on salon upkeep – as well as protect your own hair from extension-induced breakage.

Follow these simple nighttime regimes to level up your locks. Trust us, your hair will thank you for it.

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