5 Reasons to Stop Using Scented Products

A lot of cosmetic products focus on smelling nice. It’s lovely to want to smell nice, but you should reserve it for your perfume, as there is no place for fragrances in your skincare and makeup products. These are the reasons why you should avoid scented products.


Most of the fragrances which are used in the products are made synthetically. They are mostly petroleum-based and can be toxic to our bodies. Fragrances can cause skin problems such as hives, respiratory allergies, thyroid problems, and even skin cancer or neural damage.

Mysterious Chemicals

Fragrances often contain many toxic chemicals that we aren’t aware of, as the law doesn’t require manufacturers to list every single ingredient that goes into the fragrance. Instead of being listed on the label, many questionable and potentially harmful ingredients are omitted. Instead, using the word “fragrance” on the label is enough.

Also, make sure the products you are using don’t have ‘fragrance’ or ‘perfume’ listed as one of the top ingredients on the list, as that means that the fragrance is in the high concentration in the product.

Fragrances Can Penetrate The Skin Easily

When you use scented products, the chemicals don’t necessarily stay on top of your skin. Depending on the size of the chemicals, they can be absorbed by your skin, or enter your body through your mouth or eyes (etc). Over time this could cause small build ups in your system and cause significant health issues.

You Are Exposed To Fragrances More Than You Think

People are exposed to fragrances more than they realize. Think about all of the dishwasher, detergent, and cleaning supplies you use regularly without wearing gloves. All of these are loaded with harmful chemicals. If you add cosmetics on top of that, you are likely adding more chemicals to the list. Thankfully every day, more brands produce their products without artificial scents.

Environmental Impact

The production of fragrances and perfumes can cause significant ecological damage. Synthetic scents also can accumulate in nature and cause harm to animals and plants.


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