Why You Should Start a Writing Routine

Similar to reading, writing is an activity that we should all spend more time doing; the two go hand in hand. And in many cases, the more time you make to read, the more time you make to write. The evolution of letters, words, characters and stories from one page to the other expands your imagination and stimulates your creativity. We often concentrate on developing and maintaining our physical being, but tend to stop short of practicing every other aspect of self-care: mental, conceptual, spiritual, emotional, psychological and intellectual.

Purchasing a notebook, flipping through its blank pages and putting pen to paper is one of the best ways to explore your mindset and express your thoughts. Quick tip: start by writing a personal letter to a friend or family member. Remove the cap of the pen and wrap your fingers around the body of the overlooked tool. On your own time, don’t worry about form or structure – scribble from one line to the next and watch the ink flow. From dot jots to personal essays, play with rhythm and run on sentences.

Along with expanding your vocabulary, improving your communication skills and providing a sense of escape, the act of writing leads to self-recognition + reflection. For those in the midst of social media influencing, swap channels and characters for pens and pencils to take a break from hashtagging. Explore different types of writing: poems, monologues, short stories, journal entries to find a fit for your interest and style. Not ready to share your work? No problem. If and when you decide to show your inner circle (or beyond), remember to edit, revise and accept feedback.

Whether using writing as a form of expression or a source of income, try your best to remain exposed and disciplined. Go beyond the surface, shed light on your personal experiences and write about what you know. To make lists, take notes or hone your craft, visit Paperchase for specialty stationary and books.

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