When Two is Better Than One

It’s the weekend and you’re cruising the mall: half browsing and buying, half carting and carding. It’s called multi-tasking. As usual, you fall in love with something that you don’t need, but must have. Other than adding to your already overflowing clothing and accessory collection, what’s the problem? Trying do decide your favorite color in that item. The struggle is (kind of) real.

Whether it’s a swimsuit or sunglasses, a pair of jeans or a purse—we’ve all been there.
You’re holding the same piece in each hand, the only difference: the color. Indecisive is your middle name. While black is a necessity, it may be overflowing in your closet. White is see-through. Grey is not so skin-friendly. Green is pump the brakes. Red is a pop of color. Or so you tell yourself. Side note: the shade of the color is everything.

While it’ll cost you more in the short-term, check out the following reasons to double up and buy the same article of clothing in two (or more) different colors.

Whatever the reason, if you find it difficult to find the right fit—in anything—purchasing multiple colors and/or patterns in something that does fit is a wardrobe win.

If you come across a piece that combines style and comfort, grab 2 and go. Instead of finding a spot at the back of your closet, you’ll definitely turn them into top picks.

Hold Up on the Wash: if you purchase multiple colors, feel free to let the laundry go a couple more days. You’re welcome.

If you’re not a fan of hitting the mall on the regular, stock up. When it comes to the perfect pair of jeans, 2 (or 3!) pairs are better than 1.

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