When to “Butt In” If You Disapprove of a Friend’s Relationship

Telling a friend that we disapprove of their significant other is beyond tricky. After all, it’s not really our business to interfere with other people’s relationships. But when you care about someone and don’t want to see them get hurt, where is the line? How do you even approach the subject? Read on for some helpful tips!

Give Them a Chance

When someone new comes into your friend’s life, it may take some time to warm up to them. Not everyone clicks at first, and keeping an open mind about the person is important. Remember: First impressions aren’t everything. So don’t start talking negatively about your bestie’s new beau after just one meeting. Give them a chance; they may surprise you.

Blinders When in Love

Everyone can get blinders when they are in love, especially early in a relationship when everything feels good. Speaking up about your friend’s significant other can put your friendship on the line, so take the time to evaluate whether the risk outweighs the benefits of giving your (unsolicited) opinion. Understanding that your friend could cut you off or resent you because you voiced your concern is something you will have to come to terms with if you want to speak up.

While telling them your opinion is risky, you may be telling your friend about red flags they’re already seeing but not acting on. Your honest feedback about their significant other can be the validation they need to break off a relationship in which they know will not be good long term.

Give Your Opinion When Asked

You know your friend’s personality best, and they may not be open to feedback or willing to listen – even when they ask you. But when they do ask, it is the (most) ideal time to be honest. They are asking for your opinion because they value your point of view. Ultimately, however, they may continue with the relationship; if this happens, it’s best to try to be supportive.

When do you think it’s okay to tell a friend you disapprove of their relationship? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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