When It’s Always Tomorrow with a Partner Who Procrastinates

Being in a relationship with someone who constantly puts things off can be a frustrating experience. How do you handle it when the person you’re with perpetually waits until the last minute to get things done?

When you are not the type of person who procrastinates and they are, you might be putting yourself in stressful situations if you are used to getting things done sooner. You need to remind yourself that this is who they are. All the nagging, lectures and yelling in the world likely won’t change them. They are just not the type of person who gets things done sooner rather than later. You have to accept who they are and their way of doing things—and you don’t have to let it rub off on you!

Give your partner a gentle and supportive nudge when needed. Sometimes it can be helpful if you ask if they need help completing it or suggest a good time when they are free and able to get it done. Try setting early deadlines. An early deadline would be telling them you need something by next Wednesday when you really need it by next Friday.

Try making a to-do list every day, and get into the good feeling from checking off those tasks. If you have a task to do that feels overwhelming, break it down into chunks and work on getting one part of it done at a time so it doesn’t seem so daunting.

If you both procrastinate, you both should commit to completing certain tasks. Know who’s in charge of what, when it needs to be finished and focus on completing that goal.


The answer to many relationship problems is learning better communication. Talk to each other. Work out schedules together. Share responsibilities. And find ways to remind each other of what needs to be done when tasks linger and linger without being completed. Remember, the sooner you get things done, the more time you will have to relax or do the things you love.

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