What Type of Relationship Are You In?

Have you ever questioned the type of relationship you are in? It may sound like semantics, but identifying your relationship type can help determine if you are on the same page with your partner or want different things. Today, we will help you identify and understand the type of relationship you are in.

Independent Relationship

Independence is important, and it is great if you can do things on your own without the help of your partner. But being entirely independent in a relationship can cause some problems. Your partner may not be getting everything they need from you, and there may be things you need to compromise on.

Codependent Relationship

A codependent relationship is one where you seemingly can’t function without your partner and vice versa. Being totally dependent on your partner can influence many aspects of your life, like relationships with friends and family. Instead, find a happy medium where you can rely on and support each other but still be your own people and function independently.

Open Relationship

In an open relationship, one or both parties are romantically or sexually involved with other people. This type of relationship can have benefits, but it is important that you both agree to this arrangement and that you are always honest about your feelings.

Changing Relationship

This is the type of relationship where you change yourself for your partner, whether it’s interests, hobbies, or even your friends. Remember that you need to compromise in a relationship, but that does not mean you should change yourself in order for your partner to be happy.

Toxic Relationship

The definition of a toxic relationship differs for everyone. But to identify if you are in a toxic relationship, consider how you feel. If you feel controlled, physically or emotionally abused, or undervalued by your partner, you might be in a toxic relationship.

Every relationship is different. The most important thing is that you and your partner have a mutual understanding of the type of relationship that you want.


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