How to Achieve the Perfect Eyebrows

Achieving perfect eyebrows is easier than you think! Just follow these tips!

Don’t Touch

The first thing you should do when trying to achieve the perfect eyebrows is arguably the most challenging: Do not touch them for three months! We know this is tricky, but trust us. Leaving your eyebrows alone will allow them fully grow back to their natural state. Constantly removing your eyebrow hairs can keep them misshapen or overly thin.

Don’t Over-Pluck

After your eyebrows have grown into their natural state, it’s time to start shaping. But the biggest rule of thumb here is do not over-pluck! Tweezers are excellent for removing stray hairs outside your natural brow line, but you should not be using them to shape your brows.

Treat Your Eyebrows Like The Hair on Your Head

Not only do you need to shape your brows, but you also should be caring for them with other grooming methods. For example, brushing your eyebrows with a spoolie brush will help keep hairs in place, exfoliate the skin underneath, and increase blood flow. This allows your eyebrows to look their best while encouraging hair growth. You may also want to condition your brows with coconut oil.

Find the Right Products

With so many brow products out there, we understand it can be hard to know what’s right for you. First, consider your goals. For example, if you want to add definition and fill in sparse spots, use an angled brush and brow powder. If you’re hoping to comb and lightly shape your brows, swipe on a lightweight brow gel. If you’re unsure what you need, don’t be afraid to play around; what works for you might not work well for someone else.

Pencil In Any Scarce Spots

Penciling in scarce spots can make all the difference, then apply a clear brow gel to keep your hair and the product in place.

Embrace Your Natural Shape

Eyebrows can be a big insecurity, whether it be the thickness, color, etc. But it’s important that you rock what you were born with! Your natural shape usually suits your face the best.

Do you have any tips for achieving perfect eyebrows? Share them with us in the comments below.

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