What to Look For in a Perfect LWD, Little White Dress

The little black dress is a classic piece of fashion that’s not going anywhere anytime soon…but it’s not always the best choice for summer fashion. This season, it’s the little white dress that everyone’s wearing. What should you look for when you’re shopping for yours?

The Go-To Summer Look

Nothing says summer quite like a breezy, beautiful white dress. This is perfect for just about every single summer event — but don’t try wearing it to a wedding! For every other event, it’s going to work out perfectly.

This summer, the little white dress is perfect casual wear when you have puffy sleeves. Puffed sleeves are white-hot in fashion design. Fringe is also totally trendy in style. The little white dress is so versatile, you can wear it in almost any cut or style and still look on-trend. That’s why this is such a great go-to summer look that you can wear again and again.

Fierce Feminine Style

Ruffles and lace aren’t out of place if you want to show off your femininity a little. Ruffles are cropping up in all sorts of fashion design, and white lace is a pretty way to soften the lines of any dress. This is a great look for evening wear when you’re ready for any night on the town.

Severely Stylish

Look for a little white dress with clean lines for a great casual look that can go just about anywhere, from a stylish lunch to a beach party. Pair it with glittery earrings for a more glam look, or a big straw hat for more laid-back style. A button-up or blazer-style LWD can even be worn as office fashion.

Add Your Own Spin

Complete your summer look any way you want. The great thing about a little white dress is that it can be a perfect canvas for you to showcase your own personal style. Add a pop of bright color with a belt or a pair of shoes, or stick to summer sandals or heels in a neutral shade to let the white stay dazzling on its own. Use minimalist jewelry to emphasize the simple elegance of a white dress, or pair it with statement pieces so your bling becomes the star of your look.

If you want to add an edge to your dress, top it off with a fierce leather jacket to play off the simple beauty and the illusion of playful innocence that a LWD can create. And since it’s summer, don’t be afraid to put on a great hat to finish off the outfit.

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