The Secret to Applying Powder the Right Way

Applying face powder can be trickier than most people think. Even if you’ve fallen in love the makeup sponge, it might not be the best tool for the finish you want. If you are convinced your oily skin needs a powder that exactly matches your skin tone, you may want to think again. And the convenience of stashing powder in the bathroom? Forget about it! Here are tricks to help you perfect the application of face powder and get the dewy, glowing look you want.

Start with the right tool.

If you’re going for a soft, glowing complexion, use a powder brush. The beauty influencers you see wielding a BeautyBlender makeup sponge with a pressing motion on YouTube are after a full coverage look. Imitate them only if heavy coverage is your aim. Try a powder brush with loose powder if your skin is oily. The result will be a velvety matte finish.

Look for a large powder brush with a slightly domed shape and a nice fluffy texture. It will roll across the skin with the least drag and deposit less pigment to give you precision. Natural bristles are the softest and fluffiest. They have a cuticle that holds onto pigment until you place it exactly where you want on.

Find the right formula for your skin type. 

Look for a loose powder that contains talc to absorb oil and help combat oily skin. Dry skin needs a powder that has hyaluronic acid with hydrating and moisture-boosting properties. All skin types can use pressed powders that contain silica, but its slight oil-building properties may make this a little too greasy for those who have oily skin. Silica adds a little texture and gives those with dry skin a smooth application of the powder.

Matching the shade to your skin tone is okay. 

Matching the shade of powder to your skin is fine if your skin is on the dry or combination side, but you may want to rethink if your skin is oily; powder oxidizes when it touches oil and the resulting shade could be more peachy or brown than you’d planned. Try a shade lighter or a half shade lighter if your skin gets greasy.

Apply heavier moisturizer before lighter serums. 

Starting with the emollient rich item first will keep your powder clean and smooth.

Use a light hand in applying.

Don’t go overboard and use too much powder or your finish won’t look dewy fresh. Limit application to one coat for a look that isn’t cakey.

Stick to your T-zone.

Concentrate powder on your forehead and nose where most oil builds up. Dust carefully around the outer edges of your face to avoid getting powder residue in the hairline.

Remove excess powder. 

Spritz with a setting spray if you apply too much. Lightly dust over your face with a clean fluffy brush to remove excess if you’re applying powder over your foundation. Trying to remove excess powder with a sponge will wipe off foundation as along with powder.

Keep your powder out of the bathroom. 

Humidity is horrible for face powder. Moisture will make powder clump together and application will become a nightmare. Humidity also messes with pigments and you’ll end up with a color you didn’t buy in the store. Store your powder away from the bathroom in a dry, cool place such as your bedroom.

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