What Do Different Crystals Do For Your Energy and Life?

From their supposed healing powers to the positive energy they hold, crystals are said to have a beneficial impact on your life. There are different crystals that offer different benefits!


Widely known as the ‘sleep crystal,’ amethyst is said to provide such a soft and soothing frequency that it helps you feel instantly relaxed and serene in its presence.


Rose Quartz  

If you’re unlucky in love or are looking to improve an existing connection, rose quartz is the crystal you need in your life. It claims to restore harmony and trust in relationships and can also help to provide calm and comfort in times of sadness and grief.



One of the most empowering crystals you can get is Jasper. Often referred to as ‘the supreme nurturer,’ this ultra-smooth crystal is said to support you through times of intense stress by absorbing negative vibes while encouraging quick thinking, courage, and confidence.



If you’re looking for a protective stone, obsidian is supposedly excellent at shielding you against emotional and physical forms of negativity. It can also help eliminate feelings of emotional blockage, aid digestion, promote feelings of clarity, and even potentially help reduce physical pains.


The perfect good luck charm; turquoise is seen as a healing crystal that can help balance your emotions and also benefit the immune system, as well as the respiratory and skeletal systems.




Need some enthusiasm in your life? Citrine helps to bring joy, warmth, and optimism and can also help with motivation struggles while providing clarity. It is said to help promote mindful qualities, too, such as concentration and creativity – it’s the ideal addition to your work desk when you require a little boost!


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