Why You Should Spot Treat All Your Skin Issues, Including Dryness

If you’ve ever had a zit in your life, you’re definitely familiar with the last resort spot treatments that purport to evict the intruder ASAP (if you’ve never had a zit in your life, go on your merry way and don’t rub it in our spot treatment covered faces). Spot treatments are essentially super-powered skincare products meant to target a skin difficulty with more intensity than you would typically use on your otherwise healthy and happy skin. Spot treating your acne is an excellent method because you don’t want to apply those super-powered products to the rest of your skin, as it will lead to an over-treatment that can cause more issues than it solves.

Spot treatments are explicitly designed to be stronger than everyday products, so using them on skin with no present issue often creates new problems like dryness or irritation. Yet, what about spot treating different skin issues, like dryness or scarring? There is great value in using the spot treating technique when addressing various skin concerns besides acne.

If you suffer from dry skin, for example, spot treating dryness might be more effective than applying your regular treatments to your entire face. By using the logic of spot treating, by taking a high-powered treatment and applying it only to problem areas, you can make more progress on controlling a skin condition than you might otherwise. With dryness, the application of a more intense hydration treatment only to the areas that are affected can help heal the skin faster while not creating new problems with overhydration in the areas that aren’t as dry.

When you have skin issues that are related to irritation and or worsened by outside irritation, spot treating is a crucial method to control how much your skin is dealing with and how often. Dryness and rosacea are both skin issues related to irritation and are aggravated by the strong substances that spot treatments often use. By spot treating for your different skincare needs, you’ll be making sure that each skincare issue is getting exactly what it needs to heal and that it won’t cause further problems.

If you haven’t tried spot treating before or have only used this method for acne, consider being more judicious in your application of certain products and notice how your skin will thank you for giving it that one-on-one attention that spot treating is all about.

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