What are The Benefits of Sage Smudging?

If you are a wellness enthusiast, you have probably heard of smudging (sage burning), and its amazing benefits. Sage is a simple herb with many unique benefits. Not only is it used as a delicious seasoning for foods but it is considered to be an extremely spiritual tool. Sage burning is a Native American spiritual tradition that is believed to remove negative energies. Spiritual Shaman leaders would use sage by burning the herb over a large fire to not only cleanse spaces but to cleanse people of negative energy while promoting healing and wisdom.

The Benefits of Smudging: 

  1. It is purifying.

Sage contains antimicrobial properties that can help combat viruses and germs.

  1. Serves as a Spiritual Tool.

The Native Americans regarded sage as a very important spiritual tool for its many healing properties.

  1. Gets rid of negative energy.

Sage is a great way to rid yourself or your space of any negative energy.

  1. Improves mood.

When burning sage, it is helpful to set positive intentions, and thinking positive thoughts is guaranteed to boost your happy mood!

  1. Reduces Stress.

Smudging and mindfulness come hand in hand, and even the simple act of burning the sage can highly reduce stress.

  1. Removes bacteria from the air.

It is so important to ensure that the air we breathe every day is clean and free of bacterias so that we can avoid illnesses. Research has shown that burning herbs can actually remove up to 90% of toxins from the air!

  1. Repels insects.

As good as burning sage smells to us, its strong scent typically wards off insects.

How to Properly Smudge Your Home: 

So now you know all the amazing benefits of sage burning and are ready to cleanse your home! First, make sure you have all of the right materials. White California sage is one of the more popular sages that you can buy at a health food store or order online. You will need a small tray or bowl to catch the ashes and matches or a lighter to get the sage burning.

Before you start burning the sage, make sure to open doors or windows so that the smoke (and negative energy) is able to flow through the home and escape. Although sage itself is not toxic, too much inhalation of the smoke can be harmful. Once you light the sage, let it burn for a minute so that it begins smoking. Now, walk around letting the smoke enter each room and let the sage work it’s purifying magic. If you do not like the smell or intensity of sage, there are other herbs that are just as successful at cleansing your space like palo santo, cedar, sagewort, yerba santa, and lavender. If you suffer from any lung issues such as allergies or asthma, consult your doctor and take caution when smudging your house not to put yourself in any situation that negatively affects your health.

  1. Tammie, there are many types of Sage for purchase on Amazon! (Our go-to for fast shipping!) – Rethink Beautiful

  2. Lynn, we love friends that give Sage as gifts! Sweetgrass Sage is meant to be burned to bring positive energy in, not disperse negative energy out. So, if you want to cleanse the space of any negative energy first, we recommend burning a regular sage first, with the windows and doors open! Hope this helps! – Rethink Beautiful

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