We Should Be Celebrating Each Other, Not Putting Each Other Down!

We live in an age where self-love is getting more and more popular. However, we still see people take joy in shaming others for their body size, race, color, or sexual orientation. Why is it still acceptable to shame each other for our individuality?

Women should be celebrating each other. In a constant struggle to tear down the wall that has been built so high, women need each other. We need to be unified, present a formidable front, and comfort each other.

If you think about it, you will realize that tearing someone down doesn’t do any good. Your self worth doesn’t increase because you make others feel less confident about themselves. Instead of tearing others down, here is what you can do:

Show solidarity

Showing solidarity doesn’t mean you should become friends with everyone. It means you should respect others, and praise them when they achieve tough feats rather than talk down their achievements. It means you lend your support when you are called to do so without doing things for personal glory.

Share a smile with a sister

The world is tough enough, and your smile may be all someone needs to get through rough times. Rather than make fun of someone’s situation, share an understanding smile with them.

Show understanding

Certain things happen to others that we are unable to relate to, and your ability to show understanding even though you don’t know what they are going through makes you a great person with fantastic character.

Celebrating each other makes us stronger. If you feel the need to talk to someone about their self-image, do it in the most loving manner you can and never be too persistent about issues, especially when your recipient doesn’t respond to your comments well. Look out for your sisters, and let’s help build each other’s confidence!