7 Study Tips To Ace Your Exams

No one sets out to fail an exam. Heading into a test, whether you’re ready or not, can be one of the most nerve-racking feelings. The classic method of studying for an exam is staying up late into the night. It might work for some, but it’s probably not the most effective way to study for everyone. Read on for our smart tips on how to ace your exams!

Take notes

Reading, especially for long hours, can take its toll on you and can affect your ability to retain information. To help information stick longer, take notes. This way, it’s easier to recall what you have read. The more you write, the higher your chances of retaining the information.

Turn off your phone

No matter how much you tell yourself that you can focus through your reading time without looking at your phone, you’re bound to get distracted if it stays on. Turning off your phone means that your attention is undivided, and you are not juggling reading while keeping up your social activities.

Reward systems

As humans, nothing motivates us better than knowing we will get rewarded for our efforts at the end of a particular task. Group your study materials into attainable milestones and when you achieve desired results, give yourself a reward. An example can be using your phone for 20 minutes or watching an episode of your favorite show.

Be true to yourself

Know your study habits and how your mind typically functions. If you truly do better studying at night, then stick to the pattern, just don’t do it exhausted and distracted. Set aside a specific time just for studying.

Partner up

Reading in groups or partnering with someone will help you verbally communicate what you understand, which in turn will help you retain more information. Teach each other different parts of what you’re studying.

Drink water, stay hydrated!

Rather than opting for energy drinks, drinking tea or water will help maintain your energy levels while boosting your cognitive skills.

Test yourself

What better way to check your comprehension ahead of the big day? Don’t skip a review and test the concepts you just studied!

There is no one size fits all answer to studying, and finding what works for you is super important! Remember to take breaks, stay hydrated, and keep healthy snacks and drinks on hand.

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