Unoriginal Dating App Answers We Should Cancel in 2022

If you’ve been on a dating app recently, you’ve noticed the barrage of unoriginal answers to the app’s preloaded questions. Here are a few that we think you should avoid at all costs.

What I Order for the Table: A Pitcher of Margaritas

One of the biggest unoriginal culprits: claiming you’ll order margaritas for the table doesn’t provide any insight into who you are or what you like. You’re, unsurprisingly, not the only one that has answered this way. No appetizers first? Calamari anyone? Break the mold and come up with something a little more unique – and truthful.

You “Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously”

It’s unclear where this response originated, but the fact that it’s on nearly every dating profile should tell you all you need to know. There are few people out there that “take themselves too seriously,” and putting it in your dating profile takes up space for more important content. Saying this also could imply that you don’t take dating too seriously, which might not be the case.

Pineapple on Pizza

Yes, this is a controversial topic, but no, it’s not an original one. This “debate” question comes up a lot in dating apps, and it could make a potential match pass over because they’ve seen it too many times. If you feel very passionately about this topic, feel free to keep it on there, but if you’re looking to stand out, switch up this response.

Friends and Family Are Important

Family and friends are important to most people – and it’s rare to find someone that doesn’t feel this way. In the interest of getting to the point on your dating app, avoid this response to any of the prompts.

I Don’t Want Drama

Seriously, who does? Answer: someone that feels the need to say so. This is a dating app red flag because drama typically follows those that ask for it. It should probably be implied that you’re not looking for drama when you’re looking for a relationship, so it’s not necessary to call it out in this way.


At this point, most people are “fluent in sarcasm,” so it’s not a unique trait. Instead of putting it on your dating profile, showcase it in your conversations. It’s more insightful into who you are and prevents you from falling victim to another unoriginal response.

These dating app clichés are a bit tired, and it’s time to think about replacing them with more meaningful content. Get creative and think outside the box for content that will make you stand out, not blend in.


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