Try a Monochrome Makeup Look

Monochrome makeup doesn’t mean you’re going to decorate your face in shades of black and white. It’s the technique of using a similar color shade for your eyes, cheeks and mouth — and it’s a trend you’re going to start noticing everywhere, if you haven’t already. Here’s how to achieve it. 


Creating a pink monochrome look is a great starting point, because this is a simple look to pull off. Select an eyeshadow palette, blush and lipstick that are all very close to the same shade of pink. If you’re mixing pastel pink and hot pink, you’re not really doing the monochrome look. However, if you stick to all pale pink makeup or all hot pink (not necessarily recommended for most cheeks), then you’ve got the right idea. The Nyx City Set lip, eye and face collection comes in multiple shades of pink that allows you to apply the matching shades everywhere.


It gets a bit more difficult to pull off a great red monochrome look. The trick is to use a light touch on your eyes and cheeks and make the most out of your mouth. Red lips look great with deep pink or red eyeshadow and a kiss of red blush just on the apples of your cheeks. Make it super easy to get a great monochrome look in red or any other shade with an Ilia Multi-Stick. It’s one stick in one color that you can apply to your eyes, lips and face.


Brown-toned makeup can be very flattering on multiple complexion types, and it’s a very pretty way to dress your face in the monochrome trend. A copper or bronze brown with a little bit of sparkle looks beautiful on eyes, cheeks and lips. The trick is to use very light brown blush and place it along the hollows of your cheeks, under your cheekbones. Add some gloss to your brown lipstick to give your mouth some shine. NudeStix, which are used like makeup crayons, are available in brown shades for your lips, cheeks and eyes.

Monochrome Fun

You can get even more creative with the monochrome trend and create unusual makeup looks built around unexpected colors. If you’re feeling especially bold, try experimenting with orange, blue and purple monochrome makeup designs. This is a very fun trend, and it’s super easy to create. After all, it saves time when you’re only reaching for a couple of colors rather than trying to work with a huge palette of shades!

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