Top 10 Fashion Moments to Rock during a Zoom Meeting

Since nearly everyone is stuck working from home, getting dressed in the morning has most likely been eliminated from the typical routine. If anything, your boss has probably seen your fanciest hoodie make an appearance through the laptop camera at least three times in the last week. To create something to look forward to in the morning and reclaim your fashionista title, why not try out a few of this year’s trending looks?


Aside from not wanting to get dressed, we also haven’t wanted to touch our hair. To give the illusion that time was spent and the effort was made, throw on a headband of your choosing. Knotted or pearl headbands have been seen pretty much everywhere, and it adds a bit of elegance to a home look.

Disco-Collared Tops

While the office might be used to seeing everyone in the typical button-up down top, extend that look with a trend component. Try out a disco-collared top. The flared out collar, draws attention to the face, and it can be styled with a comfy turtleneck underneath for fashion and functionality.

Puff Sleeves

This great feature to a top is a lot of fun to work with throughout the year. The sleeve has a luxury feel, and it looks great when styled with layered necklaces. The look also gives the illusion of better posture on the camera because it lifts the shoulders, unlike all of our favorite hoodies.


Vests have been the underdog for so long, and this season they finally made a revival. There’s a ton of amazing elements to this silhouette. For Zoom meeting purposes, they instantly add the business component to a work meeting without trying too hard. Slipping it on over a long sleeve tee elevates the look without the need of the common blazer.

Bright Blazers

Speaking of blazers, they’ve recently received a major upgrade on the runways. From new patterns to diverse cuts, fashion is truly meeting business. Look awake and refreshed for the 9AM call with one in a bolder hue for a change. Bright colors have impacted fashion in a major way over the past few years, so it’s nice to marry the two trends together.

Floral Earrings

While floral has been the print of the season, it’s hard to see the entirety of the sweet spring dress if not seen in person. Bring the print to the forefront and wear it as an earring. The colors and silhouette will add a pop to the screen!

Polka Dots

Introduce some prep back into the workforce with a few polka dots. Whether tiny or big, the print looks great as a wrapped top or even on a pair of glasses. By seeing several different colorways on the runways, the print will morph well in someone’s closet.

Chain Detailing

Chain accents have been seen styled on anything ranging from footwear to dresses. Bring the look up top and wear the trend as a necklace. Make it more of a statement by adding layers, or keep it simple and chic with one smaller one. This specific trend offers a ton of styling components, perfect for long after everyone leaves their homes again.

Elements of Crochet

Look cute and comfortable with a cool crochet texture that most probably have had in their wardrobes for a while. Designers have been updating the idea with new silhouettes and prints, but for the sake of being home, a sweater is perfect for the setting.

Sweet Yellow

While pistachio green has been seen in a ton of stores during this spring season, buttery soft yellows are also having quite the moment. The color is neutral enough to pair with multiple colors and patterns, and it’s the color that will welcome the spring/summer weather with a warm welcome.

  1. It would be nice if you put pictures with each of these suggestions. It’s always nice to visualize.

  2. Kathleen, we will definitely look into that. Thank you for the comment! – Rethink Beautiful

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