The Sweater Jacket’s Got You Covered

With autumn nearly one and done, you’re likely doing everything in your power to press pause on falling into winter. While the season of pumpkin spice is a favorite for many, it’s too short and too sweet. From earthy tones to rich reds and deep purples, fall is all about the in-between. Take a walk down the block and you’ll come across people rocking everything—like everything. Depending on your fashion sense and the weather in your region, the crossover from sandals to boots can take place over a three-month period.

To hold off the winter blues, the sweater jacket’s got you covered. While some women have one (or two) many pairs of shoes stacked on the rack, this season trade high heels for long sleeves and spend a little extra on an extra sweater jacket. Sticking with the in-between theme, the more than a sweater and less than a jacket provides comfort and coziness, while at the same time keeping it light. Because without snow on the ground or Santa on his way, who wants to dig out their winter coat? Swap the poncho for the new go-to and play with look, length and style.

Depending on the material and the scene, the sweater jacket is an easy reach for the weekend or a casual alternative to the blazer for the workweek. Tip: an easy way to separate work from play is to check out the structure of the piece. More specifically, take note of the size and style of its collar. Whether open, button up or all in on the zip, pockets are essential for a clean look. Plus, a pair of side pockets is perfect for crisp and cool evenings (inside or out). To add to the look, browse and buy a trendy one that shows off a belt. The wrap around and knot combo will not only keep in the heat, but also pull your outfit together—literally.

To make the most of your layers, feel free to accessorize with a statement necklace or add a scarf. Can’t choose between one or the other? Check the temperature to break the tie. Whether high or hanging, knotted or blanket, the little something on top will diversify your look. Stay on-trend with a monochromatic sweater to pair with a variety of shirts showing off patterns, textures and colors.

Beyond all of the different types of sweater jackets on the market and the fun ways to style this piece of clothing, the best part of the want and wear action: hardly a need to clean. With the word “jacket” in the title, you don’t have to think twice about sporting this must-have on the regular without adding to your pile of laundry. That way, you’ll not only get more bang for your buck, but also walk out the door with one less decision to make and one less chore to do. It’s a win-win.

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