The ’90s Revival Trends to Rock in 2021

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Get ready for grunge! The ’90s were known for oversized denim, flannels, scrunchies, and more. And now, 30 years later, they’re being reincarnated to fit into your wardrobe. Here are a few of the decade’s top fashion trends we give you permission to rock in 2021.

Oversized Flannels

This is a cozy classic! Break into your dad or boyfriend’s closet and borrow the ugliest plaid you can find. In the ’90s, this top would have been paired with wide-legged jeans, but for a modern look, try a slimmer-cut denim with a cropped tank or bodysuit.

Slip Dresses

You’ve seen Jennifer Aniston looking like a queen in slip dresses on Friends. Now it’s your turn! While a slip dress might look a bit like pajamas, fear not! Big accessories will help you dress it up into a sleek nighttime look. Round out the look with some strappy square-toed heels.

Baggy Denim & Overalls

If you want to emulate ’90s chic, there are three cuts of jeans with which you need to be familiar: flare, boyfriend, and wide-leg. These baggy jeans seem less-than-flattering at first glance, but when styled correctly, they can look great. Balance out the bottoms with a slim-cut top or fitted tee.

Another ’90s denim trend to try? Overalls. This look isn’t just for farmers. High-fashion brands have been reimagining the cut to restore this classic look – only much more flattering. Pair yours with a basic top and some comfy sneakers to match.

Chunky Sneakers

Shoe trends in the ’90s were all over the board, but many are being readopted by today’s fashionistas! The most notable is chunky sneakers like Nike’s Air Force 1, which are being worn with dresses and mom jeans.

Not into sneakers? Jelly sandals are also back! These iconic shoes are a great way to add some color to any outfit.

Bright, Bold Accessories

Brightly colored and rectangular sunglasses are all the rage right now, as are bucket hats and chunky acrylic jewelry.

Whether it’s your second time rocking these styles or they’re new to you entirely, can we all agree that ’90s fashion trends are fun? Instead of resisting their comeback, we might as well join the party!

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