The 411 on TikTok’s Latest Trend: Rot Days

We’re no strangers to a drained social battery that can only be recharged by crashing into bed and not moving for hours. But now there’s a name for it: bed rotting or, simply, rotting, also known as TikTok’s newest obsession. As it turns out, rot days can be good for you. Let’s discuss!

What Is a Rot Day?

A Rot day is a self-care trend that entails spending an entire day in bed napping, scrolling websites, watching TV, and eating. You contribute nothing for a day, and that is okay! The idea is that having a day in bed doing nothing will help you recharge, fight exhaustion, and prevent burnout.

How to Rot Responsibly

Before we talk about how to plan a rot day, here are a few things to keep in mind so you rot responsibly.

Understand the Why

Taking a rot day means listening to your body and taking a break. However, you want to avoid having a lazy day turn into a lazy weekend or week (it can be a slippery slope). To prevent this, be mindful of your pause. Give yourself a set amount of time to rot, then get up and do other things for your mental health, like tidying up, organizing, or planning for the week.

Let ‘Em Know

To make the most of your rot day, let those around you know you’ll be unavailable. The goal is to rest and not stress about family, work, friends, etc. It may be beneficial to turn your phone on “do not disturb” for peak rotting hours.

Rot Day Does Not Equal Screen Day

A little mindless scrolling is fine, but it is essential to work your brain, too. Try reading a book instead of staring at your phone screen all day.

Avoid Making a Rot Day a Habit

Rot days are supposed to provide temporary relief from the mundane, but they should never be considered “treatment” for fatigue or depression.

Benefits of a Rot Day

When done mindfully and in moderation, rot days can benefit your well-being.

Rest & Recovery

Sometimes, our bodies need to stop, and lying in bed can give us the break we need and deserve. Prioritizing rest kicks physical fatigue and promotes healing.

Brain (and Emotion) Break

Our minds tend to go nonstop. Rotting for a day allows us to unplug and escape mental and emotional stressors.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

We tend to feel very comfy in bed, and when in a secure environment, our bodies release feel-good hormones that reduce stress.


Rot days should be calm and quiet, giving you ample opportunity to reflect, read, journal, practice gratitude, or meditate.

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