Smart Pet Products for Modern Paws

Our pets are part of our family, and they deserve the best of the best. With technological improvements come new products that can make our lives – and our pets’ – easier. Here, we have listed some of our favorite smart pet products.

PetSnowy Snow+ Self-Cleaning Litter Box (starting at $699, shop here)

Cleaning a litter box isn’t anyone’s favorite chore. But the Snow+ Self-Cleaning Litter Box makes it a breeze, thanks to a patented self-packing design that hides away waste while remaining accessible for health checks. It is a quiet product that can be operated via a smartphone app.

Halo Wireless Dog Fence and GPS Dog Collar ($699, shop here)

The Halo Collar 3 is one of the best fence collars on the market. It has real-time GPS tracking technology, virtual fences, and activity monitoring, all managed through the Halo app.

Sure Petcare Microchip Pet Door Connect (starting at $285, shop here)

The Microchip Pet Door Connect is perfect for small dogs or cats. It can be installed on any door or window, linking to the internet. The app then notifies you anytime your pet goes through the door. You can even program the door to control when your pet can go outside. The app also provides information about their location and activity.

Guliguli Hiibo Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser ($179.99, shop here)

We hate leaving our pets home alone. But with this wireless mobile 360-degree dog camera, you can watch your pet move around the house. It even tosses treats!

Pidan Smart Pet Traveler ($169, shop here)

A well-built carrier is key when traveling with your cat or small dog. This smart carrier from Pidan has a built-in ventilation system, is shock-absorbing, and has LED lights, so your fuzzy friend isn’t in the dark.

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