Planning A Girls Night? Fresh Ideas For a Memorable Evening

Do you feel like you’re having the same girls night out over and over? Do you know exactly what you’re going to do and drink before the evening even begins? Stop repeating the same girls night, and do something that’s not expected for a change. After all, isn’t this night supposed to be about making new memories?

Take a Night Hike

Look to your local park service and local hiking groups. You may be surprised to learn that many city and state run parks sponsor night hiking and biking events. Nature is different at night. The air is cool and fresh, the stars are twinkling overhead and there is likely nobody else out on the trail. Being out in nature at night can be a relaxing and fun experience. Look for upcoming hiking events in your area, and plan a girls night out accordingly.

Have an Escape Room Adventure

See how well you and your friends function as a team with an escape room adventure. This has become a trendy activity, so you can find escape room adventures everywhere. Look for one that’s closest to you (or drive a little further for a highly rated one) and invite your girlfriends to have some fun solving games together.

Have a Pajama Party

Sometimes it’s fun to get all dressed up for a night out with the girls. You squeeze into your skinny jeans, slide into a pair of high heels, make sure your makeup is perfect and put on those earrings you’ve been saving. But then there are times when you’d rather just chill and be a total couch potato. So have a girls night in instead of going out. To choose a movie (or two), have each girl write down their favorites, then choose at random! Tell the girls to not worry about what they wear, and just come in their most comfortable clothes! We’re talking sweatpants, that terrible T-shirt that you love anyway, PJs, whatever! And just hang out with no kids, no boyfriends; no one but you and the girls. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Switch Things Up! 

Take your typical girls night and give it a makeover. Try out some new activities and have some adventures with your girlfriends that you’ll all actually remember and enjoy. Because sure, you can keep going back to the same bar, movie theater or restaurant. But why would you do that when you can do something new, fresh, and memorable?

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