Own Your Morning Routine

The phrase “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” holds some serious truth. When you spend your morning distressed, your energy and mood are off for the rest of the day (that’s not just us, right?). Here are a few hacks that help us start the day strong.

Write About It

Set your alarm just a bit earlier than usual, and take the time to journal! Grab a notepad and jot down some positive vibes to fuel the upcoming day. Need some ideas? Start by listing what you’re thankful for. Then, write down some thoughts about your dreams and goals, especially surrounding what you’ll do today to get closer to achieving them.

Goal Orientation

This morning kick-starter also focuses on goals. The name of the game here is to prioritize yourself. As you get out of bed, pinpoint one thing you want to accomplish during the day. Center your thoughts around that goal as you finish getting ready.

Stretch It Out

Stiff, sore muscles are not good for encouraging positivity, so to boost your morning mood, just move! Stretching can fuel alertness and lower stress levels. Try walking around or briefly practicing a few yoga poses. A hot shower also works wonders for tight muscles.

Prioritize Exercise

Remember how happy muscles fuel better moods? That’s where a morning sweat session comes in. There are many positive benefits to working out in the morning, including increased energy levels and alertness.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

We know breakfast can be a real hassle, especially if you’re running late. But, as we’re sure you’ve heard, it is the most important meal of the day. Meal prepping a healthy breakfast will give you a reason to be excited to leave bed. Try overnight oats, yogurt, a smoothie, or whole-grain toast.


Mindfulness is always important, but it is especially beneficial in the morning. De-stress and clear your head with some simple breathwork: Sit up straight, take a deep inhale in through your nose and hold it, then exhale out through your mouth. Repeat this at least five times; add in more sets if your anxiety levels are higher.

Wake Up With Nature

Spending time in nature in the morning can help center the mind. Try practicing mindfulness as you step outside – it’s a great environment to reflect on your daily goals and the things you are grateful for.

Make a Routine

Once you’ve identified which of these morning rituals most appeal to you, set your routine and stick to it. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed is no joke, so take control of the early hours and find a routine that lets you own your morning!

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