Online Courses You Can Take for Free During the Lockdown

The pandemic has disrupted our lives and made it hard for us to balance out our work and private lives. However, with more free time than ever and companies offering courses for free, we can spend our time more productively and creatively during these difficult times. Here are some online courses you can take during the quarantine.

Free Courses on Coursera (Click Here

Coursera is offering numerous free courses to help you stay at home during this pandemic. Instead of watching Netflix aimlessly, now you can learn different things from how our brains work to classes for mental health and well-being.

Browse edX (Click Here

edX offers numerous courses from many prestigious universities. You can find a course on any topic that interests you. Learn from the industry professionals, and you will be much richer in knowledge once the lockdown is over.

Unity Learn Premium (Click Here

Unity is giving away three months of free subscription. If you like playing games, invest some time to learn how to make them. The Unity Learn platform offers courses on all kinds of topics and skills you need to know to create a video game. Learn animation, programming, art, or game design.

Learn Photography with Nikon (Click Here

If you want to make photography your hobby, you can learn about photography with Nikon’s free live courses. Even if you have some experience with photography, you can use this time to deepen your knowledge and improve the quality of your photos.

It’s Okay If You Don’t Feel Like It

Even though we feel the pressure to use our time in the best way possible, these times are far from ordinary, and you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. If you don’t feel like studying, take some time to practice self-care and take care of your mental and physical health.


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