Nine Other Things to Do Instead of Watching The Super Bowl

No tuning in for super-duper Super Bowl halftime shows for you. This is the year you put down the remote and turn off the endless coverage about Tom Brady’s injured throwing hand. Bid the guys farewell and leave them to their riveting Budweiser commercials. Do something you really want to do. Find some like-minded friends and escape the glare of the den’s super-sized big screen. Here’s a reminder of nine alternative things you can do on Super Bowl game day.

Pamper Yourself.

treat yourself to a weekend at your favorite spa or gather your friends for an at-home mani/pedi party complete with lotions, nail polish and foot massages. Send out for delicacies from your gourmet shop and indulge.

Go Out to a Movie.

Now is the moment to surround yourself with splendid iotation as you enjoy a hard-charging action movie. The usual male audience for Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be at home in front of a tv during the game, and you’ll find most movie theaters are pretty empty. If your choice of move is a chick flick, you can expect normal attendance. You’ll still have plenty of seats from which to choose.

Take Tea with Friends.

Invite your friends over for Darjeeling and scones. Leave the beer and pizza to the guys while you sip fine sherry and nibble cucumber sandwiches and tiny tea cakes. Dress for the occasion. Pearls would be lovely; hat and gloves are not required. Set the sophisticated mood with either classical music or soft jazz.

Learn to Knit. Or Paint.

Take a knitting lesson. Go online and find a YouTube tutorial to get started with the basic steps toward becoming a crafty woman. Delight in starting the first of many scarves you’ll churn out and hand out as Christmas presents. Ditto painting class. Set up an easel and discover your inner artist.

Catch Up on Sleep.

When was the last time you went to bed early and got a full eight hours sleep? Take a warm bath, leave the phone and tablet in the other room, and climb in for soothing dreams. Fans of the Jaguars and the Vikings may feel free to pull the covers over their heads.

Dine Out.

Skip the restaurant with a TV blaring The Game from bar or dining room. Definitely avoid any establishment that bills itself as a sports bar. The rest of the restaurants will be seating few patrons as guys stay home to chow down on Buffalo wings. You’ll have the cozy spot with sophisticated fare all to yourself.

Go to a Park.

Take your children along for a hike on local trails or watch them as they swing and slide at the neighborhood playground. Make some family members and bond with the kids. Stop for takeout as you head for home. Fresh air and exercise will send everybody to bed at an early hour.

Take in an Art Show

You’ve been promising yourself to catch the latest exhibition at the museum or check out the local artist’s new showing at that downtown gallery. Crowds won’t be lined up three deep to block your view of touring masterpieces. Gaze as long as you wish without feeling you have to rush through. You’ll find plenty of parking on deserted city streets.

Clean Out the Garage.

Or the attic, junk drawer or email inbox. You have plenty of empty hours to fill on Super Bowl Day. Even the undisciplined end up with plenty of free time and no excuse to avoid tackling despised chores.


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