Mistakes You Make That Enlarge Your Pores

There are numerous skincare products you can use that will help shrink your pores. However, there are also some mistakes you could be making that make your pores look enlarged. Here are the “don’ts” when it comes to pore maintenance.

Don’t Overuse Blotting Papers

You shouldn’t be using blotting papers more than once per day. Stripping your skin of its natural oils too often will cause it to produce more oil to make up for the loss. And, while some of the oil is absorbed by the paper, you end up pushing the rest of the makeup, dirt, grime, and any excess oil it didn’t absorb back into your pores!

Don’t Pick at Your Skin

Popping pimples can spread the bacteria underneath the skin, and across your face. Additionally, your nails can rupture and damage your sensitive skin.

Don’t Over Exfoliate

Exfoliation is an important part of every skincare routine. It can help remove the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal soft and fresh skin. If you exfoliate your skin too often, however, you can damage it and cause it to produce more oil. Your pores will slowly become enlarged and produce more sebum than they usually would.

Don’t Let Your Skin Get Too Dry

When your skin is dry, it will naturally produce more sebum, which will, in turn, give you larger pores, because they will get clogged and inflamed. Using a moisturizer regularly will help keep your skin clear, soft and glowy. Look for products including hyaluronic acid that will keep your skin properly moisturized for a longer period of time.

Don’t Clog Your Pores with Extra Ingredients

Some skincare products include comedogenic ingredients that will clog your pores. This is why it is essential to do some research before you purchase a skincare product—to take the time to find a product that works well for you. While coconut oil and cocoa butter can provide much-needed hydration for some skin types, they can clog pores, big time.

Don’t Overeat Sugar

Your diet plays a massive role in the way your skin looks. Foods that have high levels of refined sugar can clog and enlarge your pores. Refined sugar spikes insulin levels, which causes inflammation and increases sebum production. You should try to maintain a well-balanced and vegetable-rich diet to keep your skin looking its best.

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