A Guide to Picking the Right False Lashes For Your Eye Shape

Finding the perfect false lashes to suit your eyes can be tricky. With hundreds of different styles, brands, shapes, and sizes available, it can be challenging to know where to begin—especially if you’re a newbie to wearing false lashes. We’ve put together a simple guide to follow when selecting your falsies to ensure they perfectly suit and enhance your natural eye shape!

Round Eyes

If you have round eyes, consider yourself lucky: you’re able to get away with almost any false lash style, length, and shape. Round eyes can pull off lashes that offer extra length and volume. Still, they look best with a style that has winged outer edges for an elongated effect, like this Eyelure Texture No. 117 Triple Pack (click here). A dramatic wing helps to balance out and lift your eye shape and size.

Monolid Eyes 

Monolid eyes are an eyelid shape that doesn’t feature a defined crease. When picking false lashes for monolid eyes, you should select a style that adds soft curl, lift, and length to your natural lashes, like the UWU lash (click here).

Hooded Eyes 

If you have hooded eyes, (think Blake Lively!) select a lash style that opens your eye up, giving the illusion of a larger eye and a more wide-awake look. Any lash style with longer lashes in the center is a great option for hooded eyes, as it works to open the eye while adding length. If you can find a style that adds increased length and volume in the center, then you’ve found your ideal lashes! Our fave? FLIRTATIOUS LUXE LASH KIT (click here)  Just make sure you don’t go for an overly dramatic style, as it can obscure hooded eyes.

Deep Set Eyes 

Many ladies have deep-set eyes, which means your eyes sit behind your brow bone. Finding a lash style to suit deep-set eyes is easy—you should pick a long, glamorous style with lots of volume and a curled wing to add depth and open up your eyes. Our pick? Hollywood Glamour False Lashes (click here).

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