Mistakes Women Make When Asking For A Raise

When it comes to asking for more money on the job, women are much less likely than men to ask for a raise. This leaves a lot of money on the table. There are a lot of reasons women don’t get a raise. For one, many women never ask for a raise.

Why Most Women Don’t Ask For a Raise

Most women don’t ask for a raise to begin with. This is normally because they think they should be grateful for the job. Or, that the company doesn’t have it to give to them. Another reason is because they don’t feel comfortable talking about money, or being assertive in that manner.

When women do ask for raise, here are common mistakes they make:

#1 – Not making your worth known: A lot of women have put in the hard work and burned the midnight oil, but haven’t put it into any documentation. Nor do they make it known to their boss when they ask for the raise.

#2 – Overthink things: Sometimes women talk themselves out of asking for a raise. Men will ask for a raise without question. Women should too.

#3 – You apologize while asking: Don’t apologize while asking for what you want or deserve. Get straight to the point.

#4 – You don’t ask at the right time: There is a time and a place for everything. Some companies have certain times when contracts are reviewed. It’s best to ask for your raise during that time, so you aren’t disappointed.

#5 – You don’t follow up: After you’ve asked for the raise, it’s important to do a follow up. Keep in mind that certain things may have to happen first before it actually shows up in your bank account, but it’s important to follow up so nothing falls through the loops.

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