Look for Natural Ways to Lift Your Lashes

Sure, you can always press that weird metal tool against your eye to harshly curl your eyelashes to get that wide-eyed look that everyone wants. But there are other options you can try to get the same effect without picking up the eyelash curler. Try some natural ways to lift your lashes, and forget about pinching your eyelashes inside a metal clamp that can potentially pull out and ruin your lashes. 

Get Hands-On

If you take a little extra time when you apply mascara, you won’t need to resort to special tools to lift up your eyelashes. As you apply the mascara, use the wand to curl your lashes. Apply mascara to the lash base, then wiggle horizontally upward and gently roll it backward at the tips of your lashes to apply a curl. Hold the wand in place as you curl, counting slowly to 10 before you release.

Just after you apply the mascara, blow warm air from your lungs onto your fingertips. Gently press up against the bottom of your lashes, lifting them upward. Hold it for 10 seconds and release. The heat and pressure will lift your lashes to give you that curled look.

Use a Spoon

If you feel that your lashes need a little extra help, you can get it without using the clamp. Heat up a regular metal spoon in warm water (warm, not hot), dry it off and press the curved side to the underside of your lashes. Hold it in place a moment to set a curl.

Alternately, get a brand-new toothbrush and dedicate it as your lash-lifter. Run warm water on the bristles, shake off the water and use this to gently comb your lashes (before applying mascara) upward into a curl. Clean the brush after every use with soapy water and a quick drip in rubbing alcohol.

Take Biotin

Biotin, a form of B vitamin, improves hair and nail health. Taking Biotin can make your eyelashes a little longer and thicker. This will make them easier to curl and give them more volume, so you have beautiful natural lashes.

Lift Your Lashes

There are multiple ways to curl and lift your eyelashes without treating them badly. Be gentle with your eyelashes and take a little extra time on them, and you will get a gorgeous lash look that will help make your eyes a standout facial feature.

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