Kitchen Organization Hacks and Tips

No matter the size of your kitchen, staying organized helps you more easily prepare meals and prevents you from losing lids, linens, utensils, and more. Here are some tips and tricks for organizing your kitchen!

Coffee and Tea Nook
A designated beverage nook keeps mugs, coffee and tea supplies, coffee makers, coffee grinders, kettles, and drink spices organized. You’ll need a few items to arrange your coffee or tea nook, including canisters for tea leaves and coffee beans, stackable countertop shelves, an under-cabinet mug rack, and a serving tray. If you want to save counter space, use a cabinet as your coffee station to keep it out of sight, or consider setting up a station in your dining area with a small table or piece of furniture.

Our Picks:
Williams Sonoma Hold Everything Coffee & Tea Canister, Set of 2 ($62.95, shop here)
Yamazaki Home Stackable Countertop Shelf ($36, shop here)
Fomansh Under-Cabinet Mug Rack ($16.99, shop here)
World Market Marble and Gold Serving Tray ($39.99, shop here)

Floating Spice Rack
If you enjoy cooking, you likely have an assortment of spices taking up counter or cabinet space. To free up these areas, we recommend investing in a floating spice rack that you can place on the wall. If you don’t have enough wall space, try a hanging spice rack, which can be attached to a cabinet or pantry door.

Our Picks:
Aozita 4-Pack Spice Rack with Jars ($49.99, shop here)
Reflying 3-Tier Over-Door Spice Rack ($45.99, shop here)

Use Stackable Shelves
Maximizing storage space in small kitchens calls for getting creative. Adding stackable shelves to cabinets will make a difference in how much you can stow and keep everything accessible. Wire shelf risers multiply your vertical storage space creating more room to stack dishware or pots and pans.

Our Pick: The Container Store Large Tall Cabinet Shelf ($12.99, shop here)

Install Pull-Out Drawers in Deep Cabinets
Deep cabinets often turn into chaotic messes of kitchen items. Keep these cabinets organized by installing pull-out drawers. You can find them in different widths and depths to suit your space. The flexibility of pull-out drawers allows you to store cleaning supplies, kitchen linens, dishes, or pantry items more effectively.

Our Pick: Elfa Cabinet-Sized Pull-Out Draw Solutions ($36.50-$46.50 each, shop here)

Use Pot and Pan Organizers
We know how hard it is to keep pots and pans in cabinets. They are different shapes and sizes, making them difficult to stack without shifting their weight and toppling over. Instead, tackle your pans, pots, lids, and more using a pot and pan organizer. Depending on your space, you can choose a sideways or vertical pot organizer.

Our Picks:
West Elm Storemore Expandable Cookware Rack ($40, shop here)
Devan Pots and Pans Adjustable Organizer ($23.99, shop here)

Do you have any helpful kitchen organization hacks? Share them with us in the comments below!

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