Is Your Relationship Moving Too Fast?

Imagine you are waiting for your partner to show up for your date, then suddenly, you realize that you didn’t even know this person two months ago, and now you feel like you can’t live without them. This thought churns your stomach with nervousness. Is your relationship moving too fast? While every relationship is different and moves at its own pace, we are here to share some signs that may indicate your relationship is moving too fast.

You Forget About Your Friends and Responsibilities

Having a smooth relationship and being busy is great. But if you can’t find a balance between your relationship, your job, and your family and friends, you may be moving too fast in your relationship.

You Think Everything Is Perfect

When your relationship is moving too fast, it might seem like everything is perfect. But life is all about ups and downs, compromises, and sacrifices. Thinking that your partner is perfect may mean you have unrealistic expectations of them. You might need to escape the fairy tale and think about the relationship more realistically.

You Are Not Over Your Ex

When you end a relationship, it’s tempting to jump right into a new one. But not giving yourself time to heal after a breakup can be dangerous in the long run. Instead, allow yourself to be single and find yourself again before diving head-first into a new relationship.

You Feel Uncomfortable Meeting Their Family or Friends

Nobody can tell you when it’s the right time to meet your partner’s family and friends. But if you feel uncomfortable doing so, you may be moving too fast. Healthy relationships unfold organically. So if you feel unsure about taking this step, communicate your feelings to your partner.

You Cross Boundaries

Every relationship has boundaries. If your new partner seems to ignore the ones you set in place, you could be moving too fast in your relationship. If you are uncomfortable about some of your significant other’s actions, communicate how they make you feel and try to find a compromise.

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